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The Chroma Group, Ltd. ("TCG") was founded in 1991.  Operating under a “for profit and self-sustaining" business model, it is an internally funded organization, accepting no financial support from individuals, organizations or sovereignties which could possibly have any specific political agenda.  It is further our mandate to be fully responsible for the placement of resources and/or services on the ground where required, on a project by project basis, as opposed to the forwarding of supporting funds to other organizations or groups, while we do honor and applaud much of their hard work.

The basic groundwork for TCG's primary mission of Transnational Conflict Prevention and Interdiction Programmes ("TCP & IP") in any given project's Area of Responsibility ("AOR") or Region of Responsibility ("ROR"), such as the Horn of Africa or Kashmir, begins with the acquisition and ongoing maintenance of a total Spherical Situational Awareness ("SSA") regarding the applicable AOR/ROR's geometry.  That is to say, TCG achieves a comprehensive awareness of any and all social, tribal, cultural, geopolitical and theological elements, both historical and current, which influence the decision cycles and dynamics of the local population as well as its official and/or de facto leaders.  The most important ingredient to SSA is, first and foremost, a human presence in the AOR/ROR in the person of a culturally well-versed individual or individuals, for which there is no substitute.  In addition to human information acquisition and listening closely to local "bush-wire" communication, SSA is then further enhanced by TCG's other ongoing methods of acquisition and analysis, which include:

Any and all information which is gleaned from these and other sources is input in real-time, and is accessible using our version of the NORA ("Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness") system which is quick to recognize any interactions between individual actors, groups, places, things, events, dates and locations with selectable sensitivity.

Operating from this posture of "boots on the ground" SSA, integrated and balanced with other instruments of National power such as embedded humanitarian, stability and peacekeeping operational relationships, in particular Civil Affairs and Psychological-type Operations ("CA/PSYOP"), while also continuing to maintain ongoing positive relationships with Non-Governmental/International Non-Governmental Organizations ("NGO/INGO"), with local and international journalists, with local persons of influence, and with cooperative international law enforcement agencies, effectively enables TCG to achieve considerable success with constructive, local social engineering while also assuring the persistent integrity of its information acquisition and analysis capabilities.  National strategists can then better craft approaches to policy regarding the applicable AOR/ROR which leverage all of the core competencies in each of these communities.

























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Current Publication

Africa and the Failed State: 
Challenges and Solutions

This monograph suggests a greater preemptive use of civil-affairs, psychological operations, and expanded relationships with NGO's, as instruments of soft power in anticipating possible OCO's, particularly in the context of current and potential failed states in Sub-Saharan Africa.  

By:  R. Ursano, COO
The Chroma Group, Ltd.

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Current Publication

The Aceh Monitoring Mission: 
A Model for U.S.-China Cooperation in Joint Stability Operations

This monograph examines the joint EU/ASEAN mission in Indonesia (2005-2006) which, due to its unrivaled success and unique approach, make it a potential model for future cooperative stability, peacekeeping and crisis management  operations involving the participation of both the Peoples Republic of China and Western countries, particularly the U.S..  

By:  Col. Yi Xiang (Ret.)

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